1998-2022, 24 Years in Creating Unique Leather Fashions 
Italian leather, known for its durability, suppleness, and rich colors, is commonly known throughout the world as the best leather. Our hides, tanned in Italy, are all “Premium”, first choice hides. These techniques have been passed down generation to generation. This pride is a family tradition. These families still dominate the handmade leather industry in Italy and M&R Moda in Pelle Firenze, Inc.is proud to associate itself with one of these families, the Fanucchi’s.

Each year we design a Prêt à Porter range but we are also well-known for our original tailor-made pieces for our discerning customers worldwide.
Our tailor-made pieces require a special fitting and four to six weeks to be custom made and delivered. However,
in so doing, our customers end up with a truly unique garment, made expressly for them.

In 2002, M&R Moda in Pelle Firenze Inc. expanded its business into the United States.
In 2005 Our store in Florence was visited by Mrs. Barbara Bush and President George Bush Daughters.
Currently we participate in expositions and Trade shows. Among others, we have presented our leather fashions,
* At the International Luxury Outwear Exposition (ILOE) in Chicago, Illinois.
* At the International Western/English Apparel Association. (WESA) Denver, Colorado.
* At the International Safari Club (SCI) Las Vegas and Reno Nevada.
All of what goes into our garments is the result of one man, Reza Ghazinouri. Reza Ghazinouri is the founder and President of M&R Moda in Pelle Firenze, Inc. . He received his Masters in Political Science from Florence University in 1992. Reza's professional career has been quite diverse but centered on the quality leather craft of Florence, Italy. He has had a passion for and been involved with top leather quality in a wide variety of leather clothing and hand bags fashion since 1979. We are very proud to invite you to experience our individually designed, high quality, hand-tailored, leather designs.
Our high fashion line has been very successful and the most prominent stores around the country are happily satisfying their discerning customers. But that is not only passion of Reza, he is also a world long distance marathon runner and since 1994 when he run his first marathon in Florence, Italy has followed by more than 100 marathons and ultra marathon around the globe. He has run in more than 10 countries and more than 50 cities in Europe and in the USA. So far he has run four out of six major marathons, Berlin, Chicago, New York and Boston. He says: my goal is finishing Tokyo and London Marathon + Wall of China. He is 65 and keep training for his next adventure.

Reza Ghazinouri, Founder and President

Vic President Mr. Bob Bowden,  Paris Texas.

Our magic hand rubbers that with incredible hand rub create unique garments, famous as Tamponato

Vitaliano Fanucchi, cutting the leather by hand as his father and his grand father was doing in last century.

Famiglia Fanucchi, our tailoring crew with Vitaliano Fanucchi chief head master, Graziella Fanucchi and Kety Fanucchi in their workshop in Italy

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  1. Haydeh

    Dear Reza
    Thank you very much for the prompt postage of my handbag. I absolutely love this style. I bought the 238 style 5 years ago, love the practicality of it. As you can have it as a shoulder or rack sack. This time I ordered the black/tan colour. The bag arrived in time for Christmas. Totally recommend the website and the quality of the bags.

  2. Ava Ghazi-nouri

    I bought the Mitra bag recently, promptly arrived. Very happy with the website. The bag quality is perfect, light, has loads of products.

    Will highly recommend the product.

  3. Arash

    Outstanding quality & very stylish! I purchased several items from Moda in Pelle Firenze & I never get tired of the compliments. Fashion is seasonal but some styles are times-less, these guys know the difference. Always a wise purchase!

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